Dear George, Lina, Cathy and everyone at Dietrich:

I cannot thank you enough for fighting this difficult battle for me! It was such a rough, horrible two year struggle for justice but I got through with your guidance, expertise and support. I could have never found my way through all the red tape of insurance and treatment plans without you!

Lina-you were basically my psychologist throughout all of this and our many phone calls in which you just let me pour it all out and calmed me down meant the world to me. You were the little angel on my shoulder, my guardian and protector assuring me that everything would be alright in the end. I never knew what to expect when I went to you guys-all I knew is that I had suffered a tremendous injury and that I wanted to fight for what was right. After one lawyer told me I had no case, you guys believed in me and my situation and never let me give up (and I wanted to give up several times along the way!).

In the end though, it was never about the money-it was about the fact that my arm, my life, my family’s life was shattered due to this incident and we all still struggle to this day. I cannot imagine what would have happened had I not come to you that fateful day.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.

Best Regards,
Dear Mr. Dietrich,

I want to thank your thoughtful and compassionate employee Lina Scarfone although I am not a client of your law firm.

Two years ago I sustained an injury while a Slip and Fall accident, I was calling law firms trying to find a personal injury lawyer. I called 5 different law firms and the only receptionist, Lina Scarfone, advised me that I needed to inform the owner of the trail (where I fell and got injured) about my injury within 10 days after the accident. I was not aware of such law. The day I phoned was my last 10th day.

Lina was not able to help me find a lawyer at your firm - it was Friday and nobody was available at that time. Following her priceless advice, I was able to fax a letter myself warning the owner of the trail about submitting my claim. Without her advice, I would have lost the opportunity to submit my claim.

Because of Lina's professionalism, compassion and kindness I was able to submit my claim and get compensated for my losses.

I would like to you to know what a wonderful and valuable employee works for your office.

Sincerely, Tatiana (Ayr, Ontario)
George and Lina,

We'd like to thank you very much for everything that you have done for me and Melissa over the past 4 years. And yes it has been a long journey, but the outcome was surprisingly positive.

Apologies, if at times I was a bit of a pest or annoying, but this was all new to me, and I had many questions along the way, but Lina, you always kept your patience in order !

...Again, many thanks for your invaluable assistance, professionalism and expertise in this matter. It was all very much appreciated.

Take care.. warmest regards,

Lorrie & Melissa
Dear George and Lina,

Thank you very much for all of your guidance and for your unique professionalism. All is well! Thanks to you and your team.

Sincerely, Connie and Jesse (Kitchener, Ontario)
To: Dietrich Law Office

I am really grateful and wanted you to know how happy I am. Thank you for everything you did for me. It was greatly appreciated. A special thanks to Susan and Lina.

- Linda (Brantford, Ontario)
Dear Lina, George & Staff,

We simply just want to say thanks!

- Ralph (Cambridge, Ontario)
I can't begin to tell you how very grateful I am for all you have done for me. I would have never been able to get through all of this by myself. I had left everything up to you, and you certainly came through for me. I was very comfortable with you as my lawyer. You made things painless for me as possible. You made sure that if I had any questions, they were answered promptly, if not by you personally, then by Josie or Lina upon your advise. You were totally awesome at both my CPP and Accident Tribunals. You let me know what would happen at both tribunals before they started and that made me feel more at ease. Even though I was very nervous both times, you assured me things would work out and it made me feel more at ease. In the end you won both cases for me. Josie and Lina were always helpful when I needed questions answered, and I always got a prompt call back. I commend them for doing a good job. When I first saw you, I was in distress and the best thing you did for me with that, is to recommend me to a very good doctor. We had a lot of sessions and I really needed them. She made me feel comfortable the first time we had a session, which made it easier for me to talk. Thank you again for that. Cathy, you are such an asset to Dietrich Law Office, but, I am sure your boss already knows that. Keep up the great work. If anyone is ever looking for a lawyer, I will make sure they contact your law office. I was recommended to your office by a friend. That was the best choice I ever made. Take care and good luck in the future.

- Lydia (Kitchener, Ontario)

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