Disability Claims

Canada Pension Plan Appeals

If youíve paid Canadian Pension Plan premiums (CPP) and have become disabled or are not competitively employable, you may be entitled to disability benefits. Your CPP disability pension is influenced by the amount of your CPP contributions, the length of time youíve been contributing and the timing of the onset of your disability. In order to qualify for CPP benefits you must show youíve contributed to the pension plan for at least four of the past six years, or three of six if you have worked more than twenty five years. If your CPP disability benefits have been refused, we can help you exercise your right to appeal this decision. We understand that appealing to receive entitled benefits is your right and we will work with you to challenge the refusal and help you in proving the severity of your disability.

Disability Insurance Claims

It is not always necessary to retain the services of a disability insurance lawyer to help you with your disability insurance claims. We offer affordable, supportive and professional advice and representation for you and focus on receiving your entitled benefits from your insurance policy. Oftentimes after claiming disability for over two years, you may find your insurance policy includes an entitlement to disability benefits clause which will only be paid out of you can prove that youíre unable to engage in any occupation for which youíve been suitably educated or trained. This may seem like an overwhelming obstacle and may discourage you from continuing to claim your disability benefits. Our highly skilled team can help you with this, please call us today so we can evaluate your particular situation.


Scarfone paralegal services can assist you in any disability claims you may have. If youíre disabled or have suffered a personal injury it is crucial that you receive the best licensed paralegal representation possible. Our dedicated and caring team is fully committed to providing you with the most caring and comprehensive services. From the moment you step into our office or we visit you (if youíre unable to come to us), you become the focus of our undivided attention. We know how hard it is to deal with a disability and the last thing you need to worry about is being embroiled in a long and costly process to get the benefits you deserve. We are sensitive to your needs and requirements and will make sure you donít miss any important deadlines or procedures.

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